Our design philosophy

METALSO can turn your design from simple sketch into digital engineered drawing and then to completed product using the lateset CAD/CAM technology. Beyond just perforated sheets METALSO produces ready-to-install components.

Fast, low cost and quality metal components customised to your specifications and specific project dimensions, from unique items to large quantities. Our experienced designers and engineers can offer technical support for your project.



We design, manufacture and furnish bespoke stainless steel components for applications in architecture, interior and industrial design | individual components are manufactured for special conditions | we will require a clear idea of design principles provided in sketch or digital drawings | we ask for precise dimensions of the actual condition since our products are manufactured with high levels of accuracy | we will not take on-site measurements of the proposed application.

Preparation of surfaces

We will take into account actual or as-designed conditions of the surfaces where our products will be installed | we are not responsible for design or construction changes or special conditions not available to us beforehand | the installer or construction crew is responsible for the preparation of surfaces prior to installation of our products.


We design and manufacture ready-to-install components | we provide the components and installation accessories, such as rails, screws etc | installation is carried out by your technical crew | we are not responsible for changes in dimensions not available to us at the time of manufacture.


We can process any type of sheet metal | stainless steel components are of the appropriate quality and thickness according to project conditions | all dimensions are specific to your project | finish options are fully customizable | see perforated and texture designs

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