Architectural expressions in stainless steel

METALSO produces sheet metal components specialising in stainless steel for applications in architecture, interior and industrial design using the latest digital manufacturing technology. Beyond just perforated sheets METALSO produces ready-to-install components.

For your small and medium size projects in architecture or interior design METALSO can provide an array of standard sheets with perforated and textured designs.

For larger projects or specialised applications METALSO can design and manufacture bespoke stainless steel building components to the specific dimensions of the application and with customised designs. We collaborate specifically with contractors and design teams and furnish components to construction specialists.

Some examples of applications:
Facades | stainless steel cladding panels
Sun protection | steel canopies
Railings | fences and gates | exterior privacy and acoustic protection
Interior design | office and home furnishing | lighting | interior signage | mechanical equipment covers
Street furniture | waste bins | recycling bins | seating | exterior signage
Special fabrications for industry | work platforms | anti-slip flooring and gratings
Stainless steel applications for food preparation areas | hospital | health facilities

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