Perforated designs :: textured designs :: bespoke designs in metal sheets

METALSO can furnish stainless steel sheets with an array of standard perforated and textured designs, to be used for architecture, interior design and industrial use.

Perforations on metals sheets

See our standard perforated and textured sheets catalogue
Limitless possibilities for additional bespoke designs | codes 901-925 | dimensions are in millimeters.

Textured designs

Typical textured patterns are square | round
Suitable for decoration or for anti-slip surfaces. Special textured designs available upon request.

Standard sheet dimensions
1000mm x 2000mm | 1250mm x 2500mm | 1500mm x 3000mm
For large quantities above 50m2 possibility for custom sizes and designs.

Standard sheet materials | stainless steel satin or glossy finish | plain | galvanised steel
For large quantities possibility for custom materials | aluminium | copper | bronze etc.

Thicknesses | standard thicknesses | 0.7mm | 1.0mm | 1.5mm
For special projects we can process sheets from 0.3mm to 6.4mm.

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Our perforated and textured sheets can be applied to architectural design projects.
Using the latest digital manufacturing technology ensures high-quality products of precise dimensions. Learn more about our design philosophy and specifications regarding our products.